Whirling Cactus

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Mr. Lincoln   sold

These batik mandalas are 32' x 32"  (actually Mr. Lincoln which  42" square) on double china silk.  They have cutwork throughout and all cut edges have been sealed with acrylic paint.  24 karat gold leaf has been applied to selected areas. The reflective qualities of gold provide a changeable quality to the image and acts like sunshine. The plants illustrated in each are interrelated by season or similarities.  For instance, The flowers in Moonglow all bloom at night. Monarch Metamorphosis illustrates the life cycle of the magnificent monarch butterfly. The popular fragrant rose, Mr Lincoln, is the namesake for Mr. Lincoln, which also features other spring/ summer flowers, including the passion vine that nourishes the Cape Fritillary butterfly. The exception is Primavera which is a 30" x 22" watercolor highlighting spring flowers.


Dorte Christjansen

Golden Spiral sold

Moonglow  sold

Orchidworld    sold

Monarch  Metamorphosis  sold

​​Spring Dreams

Ffantasia  sold

​Primavera  sold

Fantasia II sold 

New! 2015    Aspendell Summer,
Inspired by the flora and fauna of the High Sierra in and around the community of Aspendell where I have spent many blissful hours observing, drawing and photographing. Beautiful giant swallowtail butterflies,, wildflowers, chickadees, nutcrackers, quail populate this mandala, and the peaks visible from my hosts dining room window are also on view.  The namesake of Aspendell, the Aspen trees, surround the mandala​ and are depicted in both summer and fall colors.  The region turns golden in the fall in a spectacular fall display.